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Minecraft will not Allow NFTs Or Blockchain Technologies - IGN

While some developers are embracing the controversial use of digital tokens, the developers at Minecraft have taken a stand against blockchain technology and NFTs.

This post was a response to community members' feedback asking for clarification and transparency on the position of Mojang Studios, Minecraft and other companies that are related to them.

"While we are updating our Minecraft Usage Guides to provide more detailed instructions on the latest technologies," the post states. Steam recently banned blockchain games and cryptocurrency-emitting games.

Certain creators utilize blockchain technology to sell items such as skins and worlds. However, the Minecraft people want their community to be an environment where everyone has the same content. They believe that NFTs can be used to create models of scarcity that are in conflict with our Guidelines.

They also state that "to ensure players have an enjoyable and safe experience, blockchain technologies aren't permitted to be integrated into our client or server apps as well as Minecraft in-game content such as worlds, skins, or persona items be accessed by blockchain technology to create scarce digital assets."

The decision is made in part, Mojang says, because blockchain and NFTs don't coincide with "Minecraft's values of creative inclusion and playing with each other" and "create a scenario of the haves and the not-so-haves."

Mojang Studios wants to be there for their customers. When mundo is blogging They are aware that NFTs can be unreliable and could end up costing players who buy them.

Their stance comes at a time where some developers have made pledges against NFT, while others who have embraced the technology have been called out for their money-grabbing schemes. Some, like Team17 have even released NFT projects public but were later scuttled by the outrage of their communities.


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